Calculate What To Tip Your Nail Salon

Everyone loves to get their nails done.  It is exciting to get a fresh layer of nail polish and choose a new color that matches the season.  Most likely you have a great relationship with your nail stylist and you have been going to this person for years.  Find a good nail stylist is hard.  You need to find the stylist who has a location that is close to you, that does the type of nail services that you want, and a person that you actually like and get along with. That is why it is important to tip your nail stylist properly.  The last thing you want to do is tip your stylist too little and offend them.  You may lose your favorite nail stylist if this happens. 

So what is the proper amount to tip a stylist? Generally, it is customary to tip 15% to 20% depending on the type of service the stylist performed and how long it took for the stylist to perform the service.  If a service took a long time to perform then you should tip 20%. Also, do not get stuck on numbers.  If it is a special occasion like Christmas or your stylist came in on their day off to help you out then you need to tip extra. Tipping your nail salon stylist will go a long way to making your relationship better and you will get better service. 

Here is a free nail salon tip calculator to help you know how much to tip the nail technician.

If you are not sure what to tip your nail stylist do not fear we have made it easy for you.  Here is a nail salon tip calculator for you to use. Just type in the price of the service then you will get the tip amount and the total amount with the tip. 


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