1. How to Post a New Business Listing on SpreeberryTo post a new business listing on Spreeberry follow these steps:1. Create an account on Spreeberry.2. Click on the + sign to create a new listing.3. Create a Title for your listing.  If you are creating a business listing for ANY type of beauty service select the "PROFESSIONAL SERVICES" category. 4. Select your state and city where your…
  2. What Types Of Businesses Are Allowed To Be Listed On Spreeberry?Spreeberry is a beauty directory for all businesses that are in the beauty and physical wellness industry.  Examples of these types of business are:SalonsBarber ShopsNail SalonsSpasMed SpasLash BarsPedicure SalonsEyebrow Threading Massage If you want to know if your business qualifies to be listed on Spreeberry contact…
  3. Can I have more than one listing on Spreeberry?Yes. You can list as many listings as you want as long as there is only one listing per subject.  You may not have multiple listings for the same product or service.  Multiple listing for the same product or service will be deleted. 
  4. What does spreeberry website do?Spreeberry is a beauty directory that lists beauty salons, barbershops, tattoo shops, nail salons, and other beauty industry businesses in your local area.  If you need a nail salon near you you can just search spreeberry for businesses that offer nail services in your area. Spreeberry has a list of the best salons and nail salons in the united states. If you…
  5. Can I book an appointment with the stylist or salon?Yes! Click on the link that says "Book an Appointment".  This link will take you to the business booking page where you can make an appointment. The booking page will vary depending on which booking service the business or stylist uses. 
  6. Can barbershops make a listing on spreeberry?Yes! Barbershops and barbers can create a listing on spreeberry.  Spreeberry has a list of the best barbershops and barbers anywhere!
  7. What locations does spreeberry list salons, barbershops, tattoo shops, and nails salons from?Spreeberry has salons, barbershops, nail salons, and tattoo shops from anywhere in the United States.  Spreeberry has a list of all of the best beauty businesses in the USA. 
  8. What is the difference between a beauty salon and a beauty parlour?Beauty salons are more formal high-end beauty businesses where you will get more customized service from a beauty professional. A beauty salon may have full-time employees that actually work for the beauty salon as opposed to renting a booth at the salon and being an independent business owner.  A Beauty parlour is a less…
  9. How much do you tip hairdressers? It is customary to tip a hairdresser or other beauty professional 20%. Many people tip more than 20% depending on the type of service performed and how long you have been seeing the hairdresser. Some beauty salons have started adding gratuity to the final bill.  This is more common in high-end beauty salons. So you will want to check if the tip has…
  10. How much should I tip a barber?As a general rule, you should tip a barber 15% to 20% based on a couple of factors. 1) What kind of barbershop are you at? Are you at a high-end barbershop? If you are at a high-end barbershop that offers very detailed service then you should tip more. 2) What kind of service did the barber perform? Did the barber wash your hair before or after the haircut? Did…
  11. How do I find a beauty salon near me?It is easy to find a beauty salon near your location.  To find a beauty salon near me just follow these easy steps:1. Go to spreeberry.com2. Select the type of beauty service you are looking ofr. 3. Select the city or area where you want the beauty service then click "search". You will get a list of beauty salons in your area. 
  12. How much do eyelash extensions cost to get?The price of eyelash extensions greatly depends on a couple of factors:1) What location are you getting eyelash extensions at? Getting eyelash extensions in New York City will cost a lot more than getting eyelash extensions in Ogden Utah.  The cost of living makes a huge difference in the cost of eyelash extensions. 2) What is the skill level of…
  13. Spreeberry offers a free salon booth rental contract here. 
  14. No, you do not need an appointment to get a haircut at Great Clips. You can check-in online through their app. 
  15. No, you do not need an appointment to get a haircut at Supercuts. You can check-in online or on their app before you arrive. 
  16. Yes, cosmetologists can make good money.  The average income for a licensed cosmetologists is $31,431 per year but if a cosmetologist is good and manages their business well they can make over $70,000 per year. 
  17. The average women's haircut costs is $53 dollars. 
  18. To find the best hairstylist near you just search spreeberry for the service that you are looking for and read the recommendations that other customers have left. 
  19. Generally, it is not required to tip the owner of the hair salon.  If the owner helps perform the beauty service or provides a service in any other way then it could be appropriate to tip the owner. 
  20. Becoming a hairstylist is generally takes between 1-1 1/2 years depending on if you attend cosmetology school full-time or part-time. It also depends on the cosmetology requirements for your state. Some states in the United States require you to complete more hours in beauty school than other states to become a cosmetologist. 
  21. You generally tip 20% for a haircut so for a $20 haircut you would tip $4. 
  22. Hairstylists who rent a booth at a salon are usually not contractors or employees if they are just leasing the space and the salon owner does not tell the hairstylist what services to provide and how to provide the services or collects the fees for the service.  They are just leasing property. In this case, the salon owner is a landlord.  If the salon owner tells the hairstylist what…
  23. Booth rental in a hair salon is when a licensed cosmetologist rents a space in a salon that usually has a chair, mirror, cabinet, and sometimes a sink.  This is a space where the hairstylist's clients can come and the stylist will cut their hair or perform other services. The hairstylist will rent the space for a couple of days a week or for the whole week. 
  24. It depends.  If you have a contract with the first salon to not work in another salon at the same time or if you signed a non-compete agreement then no you can not work at two salons at the same time.  If you signed an agreement with your current salon consult a lawyer. 
  25. A Barber is a person who is licensed by the state or local government to cut hair. 
  26. A pedicure is between $33-$65 depending on where you live. A pedicure will cost more in New York City than it will in Ogden Utah. 
  27. When getting a manicure or pedicure at a nail salon it is customary to tip 15% to 20%. 
  28. A pedicure at Walmart is between $25 to $30 without tipping the stylist. 
  29. If you get a $40 pedicure it is recommended to tip 20% which would be $8. 
  30. No, it is not rude to bring your own nail polish to a salon but you need to expect to pay the same price as if you did not bring your own nail polish.  You also still need to tip the nail tech the same. 
  31. The average price in the USA to get your nails done is $25. The price will go up and down depending on where you live. 
  32. When you get your lips waxed at a salon it is customary to tip 20%. So, if your lip waxing costs $20 you would tip $4. 
  33. Yes, it is better to have clean hair when getting any hair service done.
  34. If your bill is $150 for the hairdresser you should tip between 15% to 20% depending on the circumstances and how good of a job they did.  the tip would be between $22.50 - $30.00. You can always use our haircut tip calculator here. 
  35. No, you do not need an appointment for Supercuts.  You can get on a waiting list before you arrive. 
  36. The eyelash growth cycle takes 6-8 weeks.  Under normal conditions eyelashes will generally grow back in 8 weeks.  If eyelashes are damaged or not healthy then this could affect the growth cycle. 
  37. Not sure what to expect from a cosmetologist? Find out here everything you want to know about cosmetology including what is cosmetology.Cosmetology is among the largest industries worldwide. As of 2021, the global beauty industry market was at $511 billion, with experts projecting a leap of up to $805.61 billion by 2023.The anticipated growth is a clear indicator that choosing a career in…
  38. A half sleeve tattoo is a significant investment for anyone looking to get one. How much can you expect to pay? Learn in this guide.Did you know that 40% of young adults have a tattoo in the United States? Tattoo culture has grown massively, especially amongst younger generations that embrace them more readily. A half sleeve tattoo is a fantastic option for enthusiasts that want a larger piece…
  39. There have been a lot of rumors floating around about gel nails and whether or not it can cause nail damage. However, is there any truth to the rumor?  Unfortunately, the answer is yes. If you're considering gel manicures, keep reading to find out what you need to know. Does Gel Polish Ruin Your Nails?  When you put anything on your nails, it's going to have an impact on them.…
  40. Many people like doing their own nails, but did you know that you can get paid as much as $38,000 or more a year doing other people's nails?If you find the idea of doing nails professionally to be appealing, then it may be time to consider a career as a nail technician. Let's take a look at what it means to be a nail technician and what you need to do to become one.   Traditional vs.…