How to Post a New Business Listing on Spreeberry

To post a new business listing on Spreeberry follow these steps:

1. Create an account on Spreeberry.

2. Click on the + sign to create a new listing.

3. Create a Title for your listing.  If you are creating a business listing for ANY type of beauty service select the "PROFESSIONAL SERVICES" category. 

4. Select your state and city where your listing will be located. 

5. Enter the phone number of the business.  This phone number will be shown publicly. 

6. Enter the website of the business. 

7. Enter a detailed description of the business.  It is important to list as many details about the business as possible.  This information will help your business get notices quicker and will help your business show up in search results. 

8. Enter the business's contact email address.  This is the email address where customers will email you with any questions they may have about the services the business offers. 

9. Select the services that you offer.  If you do not see a service that you offer contact us and we will add it to the list of services. You can also list other services that you offer in the "OTHER SERVICES OFFERED" section. 

10. Select if you have a state license to perform the services you offer.  If a state license is not required or it does not apply select "N/A". 

11. Enter a link to the state website where your license can be verified. 

12. Select what type of location the business is at. 

13. List if the business or stylist is currently excepting new clients. 

14. Enter any trainings that you have completed above and beyond the required state license. 

15. Enter a link where clients can book an appointment at the business or with an individual stylist. 

16. Enter the business's hours of operation. 

Once your listing is submitted please allow for up to 72 hours for the listing to be approved. 

IMPORTANT: Only businesses that are in the beauty or physical wellness industry can list their business on Spreeberry.  Sprayberry reserves the right to decline a business listing for any reason. 

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