Using a combination of digital marketing, customer referrals, and updated aesthetics and design can help your new customers find your nail salon.

Whether your customers are manicure veterans trying to find a nail salon in their new town or individuals who have never set foot in a salon before, there is likely a product or service that would interest them if it were marketed correctly — and if they were able to find you. Getting the word out about a personal or aesthetic service can be surprisingly simple if you understand your clientele and you have a decent grasp of digital marketing principles. Below are three ways to better market your salon so that you can find and retain customers more easily.

Do you own a nail salon and want to make it better?  Here are some tips on how to make your nail salon better.

1. Turn To Social Media and Influencers

Help your customers find a nail salon by using the social power of influencers. Regardless of whether you are a social media guru or you can’t stand to log into platforms that involve chatting and sharing stories with other people, if you aren’t using the influence of those popular on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok, you may be missing out.

Offer local influencers compensation in the form of services or a fee to promote your salon and products. Make sure you check on the influencer's number of followers, overall image and brand, and how active he or she is on social media before signing up this person as your spokesperson.

2. Give Existing Clients Perks for Helping Friends Find Your Nail Salon

If you’ve already got a few reliable, repeat customers, employ them to recruit their social circle to visit your salon. Offer them a free service per referral or tempt them with a gift card when they have reached a certain amount of new customers referred. Word of mouth advertising is often more powerful when used to find a nail salon than even the most well-thought-out digital marketing campaign because people trust their friends and family to give them good advice.

3. Upgrade Your Nail Salon’s Look and Take Pictures

If your salon’s interior looks run-down, dated, or dingy, this aesthetic is probably deterring new faces at your establishment. Use principles of color theory and keep abreast of the latest digital marketing trends to develop a palette that will make the exterior and interior of your business both exciting and comfortable.

When you’re finished giving your salon a makeover, update pictures on social media accounts as well as local listings. A new look or a cohesive theme that stands out will attract more customers even if your business has been around for a while. This upgrade could be a standalone refresh of your aesthetics or a crucial part of an entire rebranding strategy.

Spreeberry Helps Customers Find Nail Salon Perfection

It can take some trial and error to find a nail salon marketing strategy, but it will be worth the time and expense you put into perfecting the campaign when you do. Try using local influencers to spread the word about your services, utilizing social media to connect with your customers on a more frequent basis, and updating your salon’s look to create an aesthetic — and a brand — that customers won’t be able to ignore. List your business on Spreeberry to reach customers who are trying to find a nail salon near them!