Price: $19,500.00
OS2911 Bodicurrent is an amazing, completely holistic, non-invasive body contouring device that uses MicroCurrent Frequencies specifically designed for the body which increases ATP production by up to 500%! 
Benefits of increased ATP is:
-Increased collagen and elastin necessary for youthful skin
-increases stamina, endurance and strength which can be used for building muscle and tone the body
-building muscle strenghtens your metabolism which can be helpful in maintaining or achieving a healthy weight.
-the effects of Bodicurrent can be seen on the face and body

This is such an incredible device that offers amazing results for clients as well as ongoing revenue for you as clients continue with maintenance treatments after initial package of treatments is complete. 

Selling device for $19,500 and includes training video access, LIVE hands on one day training event, and the certificate for being trained. Also included are 175 electro pads as well as brand new gloves for micro current facial treatments to lift and tighten the skin, 1 floor banner for marketing and the owners manual.

This is a fantastic addition to your menu of services!! Micro current treatments are all the rage! 

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