Spreeberry Listing Recommendations Policy

Spreeberry does not have a traditional star rating system for businesses, stylists, or listings.  Spreeberry allows customers to leave recommendations for listings.  If a customer loves a listing then let people know by leaving a recommendation.  If you do not love a listing, don't recommend it.  Listings with more recommendations are considered to be better listings.  

1. No obscene language

2. No discriminatory language of any kind

3. No bullying language

4. Please be polite even if you greatly dislike the business

5. No individuals personal information is to be listed ie. name, phone number, address

6. Only real recommendations from real customers

7. Only 1 recommendation per listing, per user.

Recommendations left that violate these guidelines will be blocked and or deleted. Contact Spreeberry directly for any comments or concerns about the recommendation policy or any reviews that were posted.