How Much Should You Tip For a Haircut?

It is time to get a haircut and you go to a barber that you found on spreeberry.  You get a great haircut and now it is time to tip the barber.  What do you tip for a haircut? Tipping a barber or other beauty professional depends on a lot of different things. There are a few different questions that you should ask yourself before you consider what to tip for a haircut.

Find a free haircut tip calculator here that you can use to calculate how much to tip your barber or hairstylist.

How Much Hair Did The Barber Cut?

Here are a couple of questions you need to ask your self when considering what to tip for a haircut:

1. Did you get a haircut three weeks ago and you are coming for the normal routine haircut? If this is the case the standard tip amount is OK to give. 

2. Did you go through an 80's punk phase and you have been growing out your hair for the last two years and now you have finally come to your senses and decided to cut it off? If this is the case, you should tip a lot more.  The barber will have a lot more work in front of them and it will take more of their time.  If they could have cut two heads of hair in the time that it took to just cut your hair then you need to step up and tip more. 

3. Did you decided to splurge and get the shampoo and head massage?  If you are feeling like a king then you need to tip more than the normal tip that you give your barber because there was more work involved. Especially if they have to massage your bumpy head!

General Rules of Tipping for a Haircut

If you got an average OK haircut then 15% is the standard.  If your haircut was just the way you wanted it and you love it then 20% is the standard for a really awesome haircut.  Now there is no set rule that you can not tip your barber more for a haircut. If you have known the barber for a long time and it is the week of Christmas then pony up the money and give the barber more!

Check out the haircut tip calculator below to know how much you should tip the barber or beauty professional. 


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