Hair Stylist Job Description 

Do you have a passion for fashioning and styling hair? Are you an outgoing a nd creative individual who has an eye for design? If so, then a career as a hair stylist could be perfect for you. Here at Spreeberry, we are an online beauty services directory where you can find the best beauty salons. Check out our hair stylist job description here.

Are you a hairstylist looking for a job description? Here is a general job description for hair stylists.

What Is a Hair Stylist?

Also known as a beautician or hairdresser, a hair stylist cuts, colors, shampoo, beaches, and styles hair. They also straighten or curl hair, and apply extensions in order to lengthen hair. A hair stylist will be able to make an appraisal of their client's hair and recommend a particular treatment or style, as well as providing information on useful products to considering using.

A career as a hair stylist is rewarding, with quality hair stylists always in demand. Hair stylists are generally great 'people persons' with the ability to retain long-term customers. As we will highlight, conversational, listening, and interpersonal skills are highly desired for a hair stylist.

What Are the Primary Job Requirements?

In the United States, an individual must be at least 16 to work as a hair stylist. Most stylists will have at least a high school or equivalency diploma and will have completed a course at a recognized cosmetology school. Training typically involved hands-on experience in a salon.

Depending on the position, previous experience as a hair stylist at a recognized salon is desirable. The more senior the position or high-profile the salon, the greater amount of experience that is likely to be required. A broad understanding of styling and coloring techniques is also essential.

Physical stamina, a creative mindset, excellent interpersonal skills, and good verbal communication skills are also highly desirable for a hair stylist.

What Are the Primary Job Responsibilities?

In the role, hair stylists will consult with clients on the stylistic options best suited to their hair or occasion. Cutting, coloring, shampooing, and highlighting hair are core responsibilities. Other responsibilities may include offering manicure, waxing, and facial services, as well as scalp treatments.

A hair stylist will also serve as a salesperson for related hair care retail products. Other responsibilities include managing bookings, building personal relationships with clients, adhering to salon cleanliness standards, and keeping updated on the latest hairstyle trends and methods.

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What Are the Benefits of Hair Styling?

If you are passionate about hair, style, and looking good, then a career as a hair stylist can be very rewarding. Hair stylists generally have good job security, opportunities to work anywhere, earn a good wage, and meet people from all walks of life. There is also the potential to make a name for yourself working as a hair stylist and the promise that no workday will be dull.

Choose An Exciting Career As a Hairstylist..

The above information should give you a strong understanding of what a hair stylist does, the main job requirements, and the day-to-day job responsibilities. If you are considering becoming a hair stylist, contact Spreeberry for more information and guidance.