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If you are running a beauty salon and you need a booth rental agreement, spreeberry has provided a free agreement here.

Do you own or run a salon, barbershop, or nail salon and have booths for other stylists to rent? When you rent a booth to a new stylist it is important to have both you and the stylist sign a salon booth rental contract. Signing a salon booth rental contract is important for a couple of reasons:

1. A Salon Booth Rental Contract Sets the Expectations

Set the expectations of the salon in the beginning so that the stylist who is renting the booth knows what is expected of them. The expectations could include: Is the stylist allowed to have children in the salon? Can the stylist eat food at the booth? Can the stylist play music at the booth? Can the stylist sublet the booth to a different stylist? These are all important questions that need to be addressed upfront. The stylist will be happier if they know what to expect from the beginning.

2. The Salon Booth Rental Contract May Protect the Salon Owner from Liability

If the stylist renting the booth accidentally hurts a client or ruins a client’s hair then the salon booth rental agreement could protect the salon owner from any legal actions. IMPORTANT: ALWAYS CONSULT A LAWYER BEFORE HAVING A STYLIST SIGN A LEGAL DOCUMENT.

3. Set the Price of the Booth and How Long the Booth will be Rented

A salon booth rental contract sets how long the stylist will rent the booth and how much the stylist will pay for the booth rent. The contract also sets the rules of what will happen if the stylist does not pay the booth rent on time or does not pay the rent at all. This is very important. If the stylist stops paying the rent but leaves product or equipment at the booth what should the salon do with the private property? How long does the salon have to hold on to the private property before they can through the property away? The salon wants to be protected just in case the stylist comes back and claims that the salon stole the private property.

4. The Salon Booth Rental Contract also Protects the Stylist

When a stylist signs a salon booth rental agreement the agreement outlines the conditions that the salon must fulfill for the stylist. Some of these conditions could include the booth rent price and how long that price is good for. This protects the stylist from the salon increasing the rent before the agreed time period. Other conditions could be what guaranteed days the stylist gets the booth during the week. This protects the stylist from the salon letting someone else using the booth without their knowledge.

There are many reasons why it is a very good idea for salons and stylists to sign a salon booth rental agreement when renting a booth. Both the salon and the stylist will benefit from signing this agreement. Spreeberry offers a free salon booth rental agreement. This agreement may not be a perfect fit for everyone. Feel free to change it as your circumstances dictate.

IMPORTANT: This salon booth rental agreement was written by a lawyer but spreeberry is not a law service and there are no guarantees if you use this agreement. SALONS AND STYLISTS SHOULD ALWAYS CONSULT A LAWYER BEFORE SIGNING ANY CONTRACTS.

This Salon Booth Rental Agreement is the sole property of Spreeberry and cannot be redistributed or sold in any way.


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