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Your resume and cover letter are the first things a future employer sees when deciding whether or not to hire you. A well-written, professionally designed resume can help you stand out among dozens of other applicants and help you land that interview. However, formatting a resume and writing a cover letter can be a challenge.

That is why we have hired a professional resume writer to craft a winning resume and cover letter template specifically tailored to the beauty industry. Download your free hair stylist resume and cover letter to give yourself your best chance of success. 

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Why a Resume and Cover Letter Is So Important?

Your resume and cover letter make it easy for future employers to quickly determine if you are the right fit for their beauty business. They include information like where you went to school, what positions you have previously held, and any awards you have won. These documents are your chance to show employers that you have what it takes to work in any salon or barbershop and can be the difference between getting a callback and continuing your tedious job search.

Resume Does and Don’ts

The purpose of your resume is to give the employer a quick one-page snapshot of your education and achievements so they can quickly see why you are the right candidate for the job. Our hairstylist resume template was designed specifically to address the beauty industry’s needs so you can be confident that you are presenting your achievements properly. Here are some more tips to make your resume stand out.

Do Customize Your Resume to the Position You Are Applying to

Even if you are applying to the same type of position at two separate salons, it is always a good idea to tweak your resume to match each different job that you are applying to. While this can seem time-consuming, it is a great way to show employees you have the attention to detail they are looking for. Search the job listing for specific keywords, and make sure to include them in your resume. 

Do Highlight Your Achievements

Make sure to include awards you have received and highlight any milestones or achievements at work. Also, be sure to include numbers whenever possible. This can be how many clients you have worked with or how you’ve helped your past employer increase sales. This gives salon owners a concrete picture of the value you will add to their business. 

Do Keep It Brief

Resumes should be no longer than a page, so be sure only to include the most relevant experience and achievements. Your future employer only needs the most pertinent information to make their decision.  

Don’t Forget to Proofread Your Hairstylist Resume

This is one of the most important steps that many people overlook. Many employers will throw a resume out if it contains any typos or grammatical errors, so it is essential to make sure that your resume is as perfect as possible. Read it over several times and hand it to a friend you trust to look it over as well. 

Write an Exceptional Hairstylist Cover Letter

While your resume is meant to give your future employer a brief snapshot of your work experience, your cover letter is your chance to talk about your most significant and most relevant experiences a bit more. Like your resume, it should only be one page, and it is even more important to customize your cover letter to the job you are applying to. 

Read the job posting carefully and highlight the experiences you think will most interest that specific employer. For example, if the salon you are applying to focuses on hair color, you might want to talk about your experience with different coloring techniques. If the salon offers several different services, let them know if you have training in those services. 

Not only will this show the salon owner that you have the experience to get the job done right, but it will also show them that you read the job posting carefully and have exceptional attention to detail. Taking the extra time to customize your cover letter is a great way to make finding the right job faster. 

How to Use Our Hair Stylist Resume and Cover Letter

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Step 4: Start Working at the Salon of Your Dreams

When you have a great cover letter and resume to show off all of your talents, finding a job will be a breeze. Get started today. 

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As a hairstylist, you have worked hard to get trained and now you want a job at the best salon or spa possible.  In order to get the job you want you need to have a great resume and cover letter.  Here is a free sample hair stylist resume and cover letter written by a professional resume writer to use as an example.