What to Know About Renting Booths at a Beauty Salon

Owning a salon is a lot of work, we commend you for this huge undertaking! Being the owner of a beauty salon so important, you are most likely a stylist yourself and now need to be somewhat of a beautician landlord!

In creating a brand and the ideal beauty salon aesthetic you need to have the best stylists. Attracting and keeping the best hair stylists takes a lot of poise, communication, and coordination - but you can do it!

A salon booth rental doesn't have a manual, so we made one for you.

Here is everything you need to know about renting booths in your salon. 

Rent a Booth at a Salon

Privately Owned Salon

Corporate salons are run a lot differently than privately owned salons. They tend to hire newbies fresh out of beauty school, pay minimum wage, and dictate the hours their stylists work and what they wear.

That's fine, they need to start somewhere! But at your privately owned salon, your stylists are not your employees, they are your tenants. 

To your stylists, aka your renters, a salon owner is their landlord. There to provide the space to be worked in and help if things go awry.

Owning your own salon gives you a lot more time to focus on your own career and not worry so much about the business end of everything. 

Salon Booth Rental Prices

Choosing prices for your booth rentals will depend a lot on where your salon is and how much you are paying to lease or purchase your building. 

Take into consideration electricity bills, water bills, internet, and anything else you provide. You want to have a reasonable monthly rate that allows your tenants to earn a living wage.

But keep in mind that booth renters are running their own business inside your salon. You are providing them with the space to run their business. 


When you are advertising your salon look to a high-quality listing website such as Spreeberry. There you can list your certifications, stylists, location, hours, and everything your clients want to know!

You also want to make sure that you have your business online in some form. A website listing your stylists and how to get ahold of each one. Making your business visible on Google Maps by registering with Google Business is a good idea. 

And keeping a good social media presence, even though it would probably be more beneficial to your stylists individually to promote their own work.

Rental Agreement 

You and your tenant need to have a written rental agreement. This is not only for payment legal purposes, but it also will protect you from the IRS because it proves that your renters are not your employees. 

This legally binding agreement should dictate exactly what you as the owner and landlord provide for your tenant. It should also explain what you get in return for that, which is the rent you are being paid. 

You cannot treat a renter like an employee, you have to respect them as your tenant and provide them with everything any good landlord would. Renters cannot be fired, a leave by the request of the owner or the stylist must have guidelines laid out in the rental agreement. 

Owner Responsibilities

Typically the owner is responsible for all of the bills in the building including taxes and insurance. 

The owner is required to provide completely functional stations to their stylists. This would include a chair, mirror, work area, accessible outlets, a washing station, and a restroom. Toiletries are generally provided as well as laundry if there is laundry on site. 

The owner is only obligated to provide what is written in the rental agreement.

Hair Salon Booth

Renter Responsibilities

The stylist or renter is responsible for their own supplies, products, and tools. 

Stylists are also usually required to keep their station clean and pick up their own mess in communal areas. This is usually written into the rental contract.

The stylists are responsible for all of their own clients, their money, paying their own taxes, and scheduling. 

Communal Supplies

Communal supplies such as back bar supplies are typically paid for by the owner, although this is up to the owners and should be written in the rental agreement. 

Keeping your renters happy is key to running a successful salon. You want to be able to keep the best of the best renting a booth in your salon. Offering amenities such as a receptionist to assist with greeting and scheduling would be very helpful if your stylist's schedules are full. 

Pricing and Hours

As the owner, you can request certain price points and working hours, but you cannot enforce them. Each stylist is actually self-employed and as the landlord, you do not have control over when they work or how much they charge.

Communication Is Key

When you're working with a bunch of stylists or running a business of any kind, communication is extremely important. 

Consider getting the app Slack or something similar for consistent and constant communication of all the renters. You want to create an atmosphere where your renters feel valued, heard, and appreciated.

Any conflict should be handled gently and swiftly, as tension in the workplace is never fun for anyone. 

Having some sort of anonymous suggestion box where people can inform you of things that might need attention without fear of any repercussions might be a good idea if some of your stylists are not confrontational. Although, as the landlord, you should try and stay out of office drama.

Get on Spreeberry

Owning a salon can be a lot better than running a typical business. Your co-workers aren't your employees, they are colleagues. You don't have to worry about paychecks, time off, or providing health insurance. 

As long as you set your salon booth rental prices at a rate at which you can cover your expenses and have a reserve for emergencies, it should be smooth sailing from there!

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