Starting up a hair salon can be an expensive task, with costs reaching upwards of twenty-seven thousand dollars. You want to be able to get started without breaking the bank and without needing to resort to low-quality equipment. Lucky for you, there are ways to go about doing that.

This article will go over some of the best ways to buy (or sell) used beauty salon equipment. By the end of this page, you should have a good idea of how to find, rate, and get what you need. You can then start your journey towards attaining your hair salon ambitions.

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Trading Used Beauty Salon Equipment

If you do not buy straight from a supplier, there are other locations you can grab salon equipment. Each come with their benefits and drawbacks, so make sure you research each before putting up your cash.

Social Media

A great many social media websites are dipping into local marketplaces these days to create a sense of local community. You can buy and sell everything to your neighbors, and sometimes for a very good price.

Investigate to see if your local social media marketplace has a section for salon goods or healthcare products. These may contain beauty salon equipment that you may pick from.

You should follow sensible online etiquette and safety steps whenever you buy from an unverified seller. Many people have tales or stories of scams when it comes to online social media sales, so bear that in mind when following this path.

Auction Sites

Before social media marketplaces hit it off, there were more dedicated sites for engaging in such sales.

These online auction sites let you place items online with an opening price. You would then let others buy them for that set price or allow people to "bid up" over a set period. Once the time runs out, whoever bids the highest amount gets the item and must pay before the seller would pass it on.

These sites are perfect for those who are unsure how much an item is going to go for. This is because even if they list the item for a low price it will often increase to its common asking price based on the bids.

These sites often have various checks and balances in place to ensure people are not hoodwinked. Make sure that you read the terms and conditions on the site before buying or selling salon equipment here. This is because you may have to follow specific rules to list specific equipment.


Classified ads in the online space work closer to the social media marketplaces than they do to auction sites. You can create an advert and then wait for someone to get in contact with you to buy it. Adverts such as this can last for much longer than auction sites, which often only list things for a few days.

This is good for sales, as you do not need to continue to promote a social media post. Instead, though, classifieds often do not get the same visibility as other locations.

Finally, in the same manner as a local marketplace, you should be careful when selling to local classifieds. These places are often unregulated, so ensure that any purchase or sale occurs in a way that protects you. Both with your money and your personal safety.


Instead of the broad directory of a social media post or the uncertain safety of a classified advert, you could try a site like Spreeberry. This service offers you the opportunity to both buy or sell equipment that relates to beauty salons.

Using a directory that focuses only on beauty equipment lets you see a much clearer picture of the price of the items you wish to buy or sell. You will also get a link to a large directory of people who tend to invest in the specific kinds of items you are planning to involve yourself with.

This community of like-minded individuals and businesses are all in the same boat. This saves you time and money where you might need to otherwise press people to notice your post.

The site also has several other options for those in the beauty industry who wish to sell their services. It can act as a one-stop-shop for those intending to ply their trade with other businesses or individuals. In short, you would be remiss to ignore it. 

Getting the Money

Not everybody has all the money they need to buy beauty salon equipment up-front. The following are options for those who need a little extra boost to grab what they need:


First of all, you can look at your options when it comes to new salon equipment. If you are planning to buy beauty salon equipment, you can always investigate sites that help entrepreneurs get on their feet. Many of them offer opportunities to rent what they need.

This method is more common than you may think, as not all those who plan on opening a salon can afford all the money up-front. Renting the equipment also often comes with several assurances. These can include free repairs, regular upgrades to the latest equipment, or the ability to return the equipment based on the contract.

This may mean that you do not own the equipment yourself unless you buy it at the end of a rental period or whenever your contract states you can. It can also tend towards the expensive side if you do it long-term. It is, though, a viable way of testing the beauty salon waters in your local area before diving in.


Another option that is not rental or putting the money in up-front is to investigate small business loans. Many banks or financial organizations offer these to those who can prove the loan is able to be repaid over time.

You are not guaranteed on receiving a loan, as this depends on your credit score. You will also need to ensure you keep up your repayments, or you may face difficulties. It is, though, one method of getting a little bit of extra capital up-front.

Other Buying or Selling Advice

Not everyone has the chops to jump straight into buying or selling equipment related to beauty salons online. If you have never done this before, we have provided a few choice pieces of advice. This way, you can avoid making the same mistakes many have made before you.

There are lots of as new beauty equipment chairs for sale that look really good and are in good shape.

Test the Equipment

It is very easy to get excited about a piece of equipment you very much need or have been looking for over a long period of time. Do not let your excitement cloud your judgment, though, and make sure that every item you sell works before purchasing it.

If the seller will allow you to, plug it in and put the item through its paces. You may find it does not work as well as they say it does, or that it has a few bugs and that is why it is being sold. It may not even work at all.

With this information, you may find that you can renegotiate the price you were going to buy the equipment for. They may even throw in some other items to help you take what you are buying off their hands.

This advice is also relevant when selling. Make sure to test every product and ensure it works as well as you say it does. If you start to get a reputation for lying about the quality of items you sell, you may have difficulty selling in the future.

This is especially important when selling as the buyer may end up wanting to buy even more if you are a reputable individual.

Do Not Be Afraid Of Old

When searching for items in the marketplace, remember that even if something is old it does not mean that it is of bad quality. You may have found the Rolls Royce of salon chairs, but dismissed it because it had a floral pattern you did not like (and could have replaced).

Do your research on the items you see online. This may lead to you finding a diamond in the rough for an absolute bargain. Similarly, it may help you avoid buying something that looks shiny and new but is in fact cheap and harmful to your clients' beauty regimes.

What Else Can I Do?

Now you should have a good idea of the kinds of things you can do to start your collection of used beauty salon equipment. If you still have questions, there are several options available to you. We would recommend that you contact us here at Spreeberry.

We have specialists available who will be able to answer any questions you have on how to start up your new venture. They will be able to direct you towards the best options for equipment and how to buy them, or sell your old items. With that in mind, send us a message and get started.