Should You Get a Massage?

A study done by The American Institute of Stress showed the 77 percent of people have stress that negatively impacts their physical health daily. When you are feeling stressed, a therapeutic massage can help alleviate your tension!

Are you interested in massage therapy and wondering, "how to find a massage near me?" Keep reading our guide about massage benefits!

Find a Massage Near You

Reduce Pain

When you suffer from pain, chronic or situational, it becomes nearly impossible to do your everyday tasks. In fact, over 20% of adults in the United States experienced chronic pain as of 2016. By regularly getting a massage, you can help improve and even reduce the pain you experience.

Whether you have back pain or muscle pain, massage therapists can help target the source of your pain!

Improve Immunity

Getting a regular massage can also boost your immune system. As your massage therapist stimulates the soft tissue in your body, your body will release its built-up toxins through the blood and lymphatic system. 

Another way that massage helps your immune system is because it increases the white blood cell count in your body. White blood cells are what your body uses to fight diseases!

Easier Relaxation

When a massage therapist gives you a massage, they can target the areas that hold in stress. When they target these muscles, you will find that it is easier to relax!

Not only does the actual massage help you relax, but so does the environment you are in. Having a day at the spa can help you unwind and feel more relaxed!

Many benefits come when you are more relaxed and at ease. For example, you may notice that you feel less anxiety and stress when you are relaxed. 

Many people also find that the relaxation they get from a massage helps them sleep better at night too!

There are many benefits of relaxation that you can experience when you get regular massages. 

Helps With Circulation

If your muscles are extremely tight, you may have many other issues that you are unaware of. For example, with tight muscles, your blood circulation isn't able to flow as easily. 

As your massage therapist loosens your muscles, your blood flow increases and improves your circulation!

When you have poor circulation, it can lead to many other health issues. There are some less dangerous symptoms, like cold hands and feet, aching arms and legs, and more. 

However, poor circulation can lead to much worse health problems. For example, you may be at risk for heart failure, stroke, and even blood clots. Poor circulation even means that your open wounds may not heal as quickly. 

If you have poor circulation and are looking for ways to improve it, getting regular massages may help you!

Improve Mental Health

Many people struggle with mental health issues, whether it be depression, anxiety, or anything else. There are many ways you can improve your mental health! For example, you can take medication, exercise, and even a massage can help improve your mental health. 

This is because massage services help your body release endorphins. When you release endorphins, you feel happier, more energized, and peaceful. 

Feel better mentally with a massage

Reduced Muscle Tension

Muscle tension that goes untreated can lead to many other issues, both long-term and short-term. For example, when your muscles are taught and pulling, you may see an increase in tension-related headaches. 

When muscle tension is untreated, it leads to chronic muscle tension. It has been shown that chronic muscle tension can even increase the risk of heart disease, strokes, or other health issues. 

Your massage therapist has trained and knows how to target these areas. They can help reduce your muscle tension and prevent each of these other issues!

Improve Sleep

A study of American sleep health showed that 70 percent of adults in America get poor or insufficient sleep at least once a month. Furthermore, it showed that 11 percent of adults in America get insufficient sleep each night. 

Whether you struggle with insomnia or just poor sleeping habits, it can be difficult to function normally. While you can find medication to help you sleep better, many people prefer to use natural remedies to get better sleep.

If you are struggling with insufficient sleep, getting a massage can help you!

As was mentioned previously, massages help you find relaxation. When you are relaxed, your muscles loosened with improved circulation, you may find that it is easier to fall asleep at night and you will have more restful sleep!

Helps With Soft Tissue Injuries

When you have injuries to your soft tissues, they can cause you daily pain. Whether these are with your muscles, tendons, or ligaments, getting regular massages can help these soft tissue injuries heal more quickly!

Because massage increases your circulation, this will help decrease the swelling of your injuries and will make your injuries feel less painful. 

Another benefit of massage is that it can help improve your flexibility! This means that you may be less likely to get more soft tissue injuries in the future. 

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