Atlanta is a Southern fashion hotspot, so it should surprise no one that this city has some of the best hair salons in the country. Musicians, models and actors make frequent appearances in the capital of the Peach State, meaning stylists are accustomed to working with some of the top names in the entertainment industry. Still, the best hair salons in Atlanta for you depend on which services and reputation are compatible with your needs. Asking these questions can help determine the right salon for you.

Do you live in Atlanta or are you looking for a beauty salon in Atlanta? Find the best beauty salons in Atlanta.

1. What Are the Stylists’ Qualifications?

Because cosmetology is a group of practical skill sets, customers are often more interested in knowing that the stylist meets state requirements and has certifications in specific areas. In Georgia, there are three main levels of hair beauticians, and each one has different hourly requirements. Stylists usually have their certificates on the wall or near their workstations.


These professionals sit at the top of the pack and work at the best hair salons in Atlanta. Cosmetologists must complete 3,000 hours of apprenticeship over at least an 18-month period or 1,500 hours of schooling over at least a nine-month period.

Hair Designer

Next in line are the hair designers. These professionals must complete 2,650 hours of apprenticeship over at least a 14-month period or 1,325 hours over at least a seven-month period.


This is one of the easier positions to qualify for. It requires completion of 2,000 hours of apprenticeship over at least an 18-month period or 1,000 hours of schooling over at least a nine-month period.

2. What Hair Types Are the Best Hair Salons in Atlanta Accustomed To?

When most Americans think of hair types, four main types come to mind: straight, wavy, curly and kinky. However, there are much finer nuances to account for when people have curly or kinky hair. These hair types have sub-classifications and are treated accordingly.

To make matters more complicated, most people have more than one hair pattern. Consequently, it’s important to know the hair types the best hair salons in Atlanta have experience with.

3. Can the Best Hair Salons in Atlanta Assist Alopecia and Cancer Patients?

Sometimes, the special hair care needs people require are related to health conditions. Alopecia, cancer and several other conditions can cause the hair to thin or fall out completely. Patients with these conditions have different needs from the average person seeking a beautician’s services, so it’s important to determine whether the salon has experience serving this demographic.

4. What Services Do the Stylists Provide?

Not surprisingly, people with different hair types generally require different services at the best hair salons in Atlanta. For example, Black customers with kinky hair are more likely to seek out dreadlocks-related services than Asian customers with straight hair.

Even within the same demographics, people’s preferences vary. To add to this, customers may want to know whether the hair salon provides additional services. These could include the following:

Lash extensions


Massage and other spa services

5. How Strong a Priority Is Hair Health?

Every person who leaves a hair salon is a walking advertisement for that place of business. This provides an extra incentive for stylists to ensure their customers look their best, but this must be balanced with hair health. Harsher treatments can damage hair if not done carefully. Generally, the best hair salons in Atlanta are looking to build long-term relationships, so these salons balance hair health and good looks.

6. How Much Does It Cost and Why?

Professional hair care can be expensive, especially in Atlanta. Specialized services, such as interlocking dreadlocks, can also have much higher rates than others. Salons often try to avoid giving a price until they have seen the person’s hair and know what work needs to be done, but at least ask for a range. Note that high-end salons and salons in nicer parts of town generally cost more.

7. How Punctual Are the Stylists at the Salon Known for Being?

Some women just accept that visiting the salon could be a whole-day affair. They arrive at 8 a.m. for an appointment and end up leaving in the afternoon. For small salons that have become community hubs, this may be acceptable, but many people don't have a lot of free time in their days.

At the best hair salons in Atlanta, punctuality is key. This includes not just the stylist showing up on time but the stylist also finishing other appointments on time and setting separate time aside for breaks.

8. Does the Salon Take Walk-Ins?

Some salons build their entire business model on serving walk-ins. However, busy and high-end salons generally do not have availability to serve customers without appointments. That said, every so often, someone cancels an appointment or arrives late. In these instances, walk-ins might have the opportunity to receive services. It’s a good idea to call ahead as some salons do not take walk-ins even if they have cancelations.

9. Are Children Allowed at the Salon?

Most of the best hair salons in Atlanta prefer that parents leave kids at home, unless their children have appointments with the salon. The concern is that parents often have a difficult time supervising children from a chair. This can cause children to get noisy, disrupt other customers or cause damage to items in the salon. Some salons do provide daycare services or partner with businesses that do.

10. What Do Customers Say About the Salon?

Most salons have nothing but praises to sing about themselves. The real truths come from the customers. Anyone can access information about the best hair salons in Atlanta by looking up reviews for the salon on websites and online directories.

Whether you are seeking styling services or trying to figure out what your future customers need to know about the best hair salons in Atlanta, these questions are sure to point you in the right direction. At Spreeberry, we connect customers with the best Atlanta hair salons. Check out our online directory.