Looking For a "Salon Near Me" in New Haven, Connecticut?

Whether you are a new transplant to New Haven, or just looking for something different, finding the right stylist is essential for feeling your best — after all, feeling confident about how you look is essential for success and personal well-being. But constantly searching online for "salon near me" or "barbershop near me" can only get you so far. It can become exhausting sifting through listings, with little context as to whether this or that salon or barbershop has what you need.

But never fear, because Spreeberry's online directory can easily help you find what you're looking for, and transform those searches for "nail salon near me" into something tangible!

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You may be going to the salon for any number of reasons, ranging from a simple wash and haircut to a complex styling procedure. Our database allows you to filter by type of service, to find exactly what you're looking for. Some examples include:


Kids and mens' haircuts, including facial grooming

Eyebrow and eyelash work




Much more!

Instead of fruitlessly searching for a "salon near me," simply log on and browse our comprehensive directory of services. You can quickly pinpoint what you're looking for, and find a great place near you.

Find a place in New Haven CT to get your haircut.

Sorting Through Many Businesses

New Haven, Connecticut is a bustling small city. It's home to Yale University, and sports a thriving array of businesses, ranging from large salons to smaller and more intimate establishments.

Trying one or two different businesses might be nice, if you have the time for it, but often it's easier to quickly find what you're looking for, ensure it's high quality, and make your appointment. With any luck, you'll find a reliable stylist well into the future!

Get started now: browse Spreeberry's online directory to find the business you've been searching for.